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What is WinROMIdent?
WinROMIdent is a program very similar to Thierry Lescot's ROMIdent for DOS, except it's optimized for Windows.
In fact, it can use ROMIdent's database files to look up CRC values for unidentified video game ROMs
It was written by me, in C++ using 100% new code (except for the publicly availible AdlerCRC32 calculation).

What does WinROMIdent do?
WinROMIdent takes your ROM file dumps, calculates the CRC, and scans the database for a match.
It can identify mystery ROMs, and you can also detect bad ROMs (if they appear as "not found" when scanned).

How does WinROMIdent differ from ROMIdent?
  • Runs on the Windows platform.
  • Supports drag and drop for ease of use.
  • Supports file monitoring (you can overwrite the monitored file with the new ROM dump and it will automatically scan the ROM).
  • Supports saving of the log file.
  • Supports 'Always on top' mode.
  • Is more convenient for Windows users.

    NOTE: To use WinROMIdent we recommend that you download the database files for the DOS version of ROMIdent
    It's no-longer absolutely essential, but it's highly recommended, because without this, you'll just have a custom database with no entries at all until you add some. If you were just interested in making your own database though, that would be ideal.
    These files are available at
    Or download them here...

    Download WinROMIdent
    - V1.05 : Feb 25 2005
  • Added Manual Entry feature (you can now manually enter a CRC and a size). Note that this will not work with splits, or bit checks because those features need actual data.
  • Ensures ROM sizes are a power of 2.
  • Fixed a bug where a monitored file was on a removable drive, and the drive was removed. Now file monitoring is turned off if there's an error opening or reading the file.

  • - V1.04 : Feb 20 2005 : Lots of new stuff.
  • Shows a warning if the ROM you are checking appears to be blank.
  • Shows a warning if the ROM you are checking appears to have missing bits.
  • Added an "ignore bad" option (on by default). This ignores most of the bad data from the ROMIdent database, basically ROM dumps that were blanks (all FF).
  • Added the ability to write to a custom database - you no-longer need the ROMIDENT database to run the program now, you can make your own from scratch (assuming you have all the ROMs). This works along side the ROMIDENT database too, so you can use that and have your custom data as well. This could be very useful for the pinball enthusiasts to start a database of pinball roms for example. NOTE: This is an alpha feature: It seems to work, but hasn't had a lot of testing, so use at your own risk. I plan on writing a merging program for this custom data at some point, so everyone can merge other people's custom databases into their own.

  • - V1.03 : Feb 19 2005 : Split functionality now allows you to specify the split level (default 1, no splitting).
    - V1.02 : Added a Split ROMs option.
    Some games use bigger ROMs than normal, this occured often with the bootleg games, and sometimes with original boards when the smaller sized ROMs weren't available. The manufacturers got around this restriction by putting the data from 2 regular ROMs in one double size ROM. When the Split ROMs option is selected, WinROMIdent will check the entire ROM as normal, but also check the bottom and top halves of the rom too. This will hopefully help you identify these special cases.


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