What does WinROMIdent do?

WinROMIdent takes your ROM file dumps, calculates the CRC, and scans the database(s) for a match.
It can identify mystery ROMs, and you can also detect bad ROMs (if they appear as "not found" when scanned).

How does WinROMIdent differ from ROMIdent?


NOTE: To use WinROMIdent we recommend that you download a MAME DAT file and also the database files for the DOS version of ROMIdent
You can find the MAME DAT files in several places, including here. You can download the original ROMIDENT files here.

NOTE: Some modern virus scanners falsely report WinROMIdent as a threat. This is because it uses old technology that allows it to remain compatible with older computers.
The few malicious code warnings seem to be a false positive. VirusTotal reports that 2 out of 73 vendors flag this as a risk,
Modern scanners use heuristics and machine learning to lazily classify potential threats. There are a handful of things that WinROMIdent does that modern trojans also do.

WinROMIdent version history

- V1.10 : Mar 17 2024

- V1.05 : Feb 25 2005